T6022-2 Photography fill light box


T6022-2 Photography fill light box is the latest upgraded products of Shenzhen ThreeNH(3NH) Technology Co., Ltd, which provides professional lighting environment for camera lens evaluation system.


T6022-2 is easy to operate and convenient to switch different kinds of light sources. It is also flexible to adjust the brightness of light sources without flickering. It also can display the using times and time of each light source. High-efficiency reflector is installed on the inner wall of the light box, while high transmittance diffuser with high light utilization and high light uniformity is installed outside.

1. Connect the power supply. Before connecting it, please make sure that the power supply meets the requirements of this product.
2. Rotate the adjustable switch to adjust the brightness according to the requirements. The light source is bright clockwise and dark counterclockwise.
3. Preheat the lamp for 10 minutes after turning on.

1. Use the proper power supply and check the power label on the back of the light box before use;
2. Place a minimum distance of 20cm between each light box or between the light box and the wall. Ensure a safe distance between the light box and flammable and combustible materials;
3. Light boxes should not be used in potentially explosive environment;
4. Do not place the light box near damp water, water pipes and sprinklers. Keep the surrounding environment dry;
5. Remove the stain on the surface of the light box with a clean, lint-free white cloth dampened with water or water with a small amount of neutral detergent, do not use chemical solvents, and scrape with hard objects.
6. When maintaining and replacing the lamp, the main power should be cut off.