VC(3) Video Checker Benchtop Camera Test Light Box


Video Checker Benchtop camera light box provides a special illumination source for camera test, to meet the requirements of high illumination uniformity, color temperature of the light source can be switched and illumination can be continuously adjusted.

The Light Box Performance

1. D65, A, TL84, CWF four light sources are provided in the light box.

2. Use microcomputer to control fast switching between each group of light sources.

3. Timeout timer function, separately record the usage time of each group of light sources.

4. The background color of the light box light source is Neutral Grey, which avoids external light to illuminate the interior swatch installation area of the box.

5. Illumination is adjustable, the uniformity is higher than 85%, and the test distance can be arbitrarily debugged within 0.48-1.4m according to actual needs.

6. The life cycle of the lamp is mainly determined by the cumulative use time and the number of times of opening. When the lamp is aging, the illumination is unstable, and the two ends are black, please replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the effect.

7. Light box size: 98 wide * 60 deep * 85 high CM


The Operating Instructions

1. Connect the power supply. Before use, please connect the power supply that matches the requirements of the light box. The time display will show the time of use, indicating that the power is on.

2. Press the ON/OFF button and the timing is displayed as the total time the machine has been used.

3. Press the “1”, “2”, “3” or “4” button on the panel, the lighting box will switch the corresponding lamps in the two sides of the light source in turn, and press the “4” button to switch to the A light source. The display will show the time the lamp of the current light source has been used.

4. If you need to turn on two or more sets of light sources at the same time, press two or more keys at the same time.

5. The adjustable control switch is installed in front of the light box, and the lamps controlled by the “1”, “2” and “3” “4” keys are arranged in sequence. The factory test has been set according to the international standard parameters. If there is additional illumination requirement, the rotary switch can be adjusted.

6. After the test is completed, press the ON/OFF button to shut down.

7. When replacing a new lamp, you need to clear the original usage time. To do this, light up the replaced lamp and use a small screwdriver to reach the center of the CLR. Press the button for a few seconds to clear the time to zero.

Light Box Maintenance


1. The free warranty period of the light box is one year (man-made damage and lamp aging are not covered by the free warranty).

2. If the inner panel of the light box is dirty, the wall should be replaced. If the lamp is used over time or both ends are black, the new lamp should be replaced. The company provides a variety of standard accessories throughout the year (note: replacement parts should meet the standards).

Prompt Message

1. How to extend the service life of the lamp?

The life cycle of a lamp is mainly determined by the accumulated usage time and the number of times of opening. If the usage time is long and needs to be frequently turned on and switched, the life cycle of the lamp should be shorter. In an hour, when you need to use it multiple times, please do not turn off the light box and turn it on repeatedly. Because the lamp is turned on once, it is equivalent to continuous use for about one hour. If it is not used for a long time, please turn off the light box in time. In unnecessary cases, it is necessary to avoid repeated switching between multiple light sources to extend the effective life of the lamp.

2. How to buy when the lamp is aging and needs to be replaced or need other special light sources?

The lamps and bulbs used in the standard light source box are all standard-certified special light sources for laboratories, which are different from ordinary civilian light sources. Therefore, after the accessories are aged, you need to purchase from a professional dealer. The company offers a wide range of standard optical components and a variety of other special light sources throughout the year.

3. How to scrub the light box wall?

If the light box wall or the bottom plate is stained with dust or fingerprints, it can be wiped with a clean white soft cloth which contains water. After the water is dry, the dirt can be removed. It is strictly forbidden to use hard objects to scrape and decontaminate with chemicals to avoid damaging the light absorbing layer on the inner wall of the light box.

Important Matters

For safety reasons, this cabinet must be properly grounded.